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Floating Magnetic Knife Deck Wall Mounted (Solid Mahogany Hardwood)

$ 400.00

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Product Details

Product Description:

This is a wall mounted solid Mahogany face magnetic knife deck. It gives your gorgeous luxurious knives a floating design and a beautiful place to display them. 

The Design:

This deck was created from the ground up by our designers. Strategically placed super strong magnets, with varying strength where it is needed. Strong enough to even keep scissors readily available to use. There should never be any accidental drops because you hit the neighboring knife. 

The face of the deck is solid Mahogany hardwood, that was built out of a solid Mahogany slab. We milled it down, cut & sanded to produce a luxurious design with its beautiful natural wood grain & tone. 

Embellished with silver or gold rings (imported from Japan) with Swarovski crystals inside. Walk around the kitchen and a glimmer of shine will catch your eye every now and then.

The simplicity of the design is what we love about this deck, and the elegance it brings to your kitchen. This knife deck will surely be loved in your beautiful home.



Mounts with 2 screws , which will be covered as shown in the pictures.

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