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Custom Character Utlimate Golf Buddy

$ 150

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Product Details

Product video will be available to view soon. 

This listing is for your very own laser cut customizable golf buddy that has many functions that act as a teaching tool on the golf course.

The logo attaches to your golf bag to add character to your equipment, and the arrow and "79" portion detaches from the unit to act as a marker on the golf course. 

Use it on the golf course to guide yourself and train your eye and club to align to the target properly. This portion of the golf tool is magnetic so you can use your irons to stealthily pickup this tool when you are done. 

Fully customizable means you can choose your own logo, whether it's an animal, sports team, and favorite # whether it's your lowest score or score you are trying to reach.

I always look at the "79" on my tool and it lets me know that every shot counts.

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