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Height Adjustable Wooden Basketball Hoop Setup with Custom Sign

$ 1,900.00

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The Custom Sign & It's Purpose:

We didn't put it there only because it looks awesome, we put it there as a 10ft target so our 7 year old  son can practice elevating his shots to the official level. It serves as a challenge to hit the target and strengthen his shooting arm.

Why don't I just put the rim at that height?

The main reason is so his younger sister can enjoy and learn basketball as well. Also he can reach the rim but he enjoys it so much more when it's low. 

Many of you are probably wondering why they are playing on the grass. Most people put their hoop in the front yard, however we tried that and we would never let them play unattended because the ball would roll into the street. With the setup in the backyard, my son stays outside shooting around for a while. 

What it comes with:

  • Backboard of your choice, pre drilled holes for easy rim install
  • Custom wooden height adjustable brackets installed and ready to use
  • Wooden stopper for easy & safe install
  • Custom Basketball Circular Sign, the design should be simple and clear. No detailed lines, shadows etc. 

Please note the following will be needed to install:

12ft 6"x4" outdoor wooden post installed with concrete or bolted to a shed or garage. The custom adjustable bracket will slide up and down this post with ease.

Please watch the video for clarity.



NBA regulation size white square box will be painted on. For outdoor use, the wooden basketball backboard will be made of specialty wood, finished with multiple coats of lacquer to waterproof and ensure that the color will last.


Length 42 inches x 32 inches

Please be aware of what you are purchasing since all sales are final. If you have any questions regarding the backboard please inquire first.




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