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Golf Accolades & Goals Case

$ 750

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Product Details

If you love golf like myself you absolutely need this product. I madethis display for myself because I wanted to create purpose for every round of golf I play. You can basically customize it any way you want, but I have it setup as the 4 golf courses I mostly play, the 4 players I usually play with (my golf circle) and I list the best scores I hit on each course, display the ball that I used to hit my best score with.

Why is this the best golf motivational tool?

It doesn't matter what level of golfer you are, whether you play competitively every round to try and be your absolute best. Or if you just love competing with your friends and owning the bragging right till the next time you guys play.
This custom golf display will motivate you to try your absolute best every round.

My experience:

I always found myself being so focused on shooting the lowest score, I often forget which course I had the lowest round and what my lowest score was on the different golf courses I play.
Now I list my 4 favorite places that I play and I mark down my lowest score on each course to motivate myself to beat "that" score.
It makes every single stroke, each putt work taking my time to hit. When I think about replacing the ball on my golf display with a lower score it gives me that motivation to focus and play my absolute best.
At the same time the right side of the display is where I keep my "bragging rights" standings. This is another way to motivate myself to play hard no matter what I'm shooting that day. Sometimes when you know that you won't be shooting your lowest score ever, I tend to give up and the round becomes meaningless. However! Now that I have a bragging rights standing, you have a reason to play hard and just keep driving yourself to play better not to lose to your playing partner.

How it works:

The display case is beautifully handcrafted with wood, acrylic glass to display your scorecard, and magnetic balls to hold name plates and score card in place. It's magnetic because I makes moving everything around extremely easy. This can sit on a desk, bedroom drawer, or it can be mounted with screws to a wall.

Where to display:

This is a perfect decoration for your office or home. If your office has golf outings you can display the accolades of your office employees. It creates a friendly yet competitive environment within your office.

At home you want to display your golf accomplishments to everyone that comes over. I'm not a person to brag to everyone about my play, but if you have it on display its indisputable!


I can customize this display to any way you need it so please send me a message and tell me your needs.

Thank you!

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