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Golf Training Platform - Work on every part of your golf game

$ 3,025.00

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Product Details

I'm extremely excited to introduce this golf platform to all the golf enthusiasts out there.

Winter golf:

Growing up in New York there was always a 5 month Golf drought for me every year. Which pretty much mean every year I would have to start over, relearning my fundamentals and it took months to “get back” my form. That’s probably why my score never improved and my game became stagnant. 

With this golf platform you can literally practice even after 4 feet of a heavy winter storm. All we did is shovel up and remove the platform cover and your ready to go! 

What is it? & What will it do?

1. It will improve all facets of your golf game. Driver, Wood, Irons, Chips & Putts
2. Brings a fully functional practice facility right to your backyard.
3. New joy and fun entertainment for your family and friends.
4. Majority of the materials are weatherproof and environmentally friendly.
5. Beautifies you're home, design and colors that are synonymous with the game of golf.
6. Bring your buddies over, I guarantee you guys will have a blast!
7. Introduce golf to your children, not only is it fun, it will teach them, honesty, integrity and patience. Golf is a game you can play for a lifetime.

An introduction about myself and how I came up with this product:

I am a 39 year old father of 2 living in the suburbs of New York. In my 20's I played golf consistently, going to the range a few times a week and getting out on the course at least once or twice a week. Then life took over, whether it was work, getting married, kids etc and basically my golf game and improvement was put on hold for almost 20 years. I basically surrendered to the fact that my score will always hang around the mid 80's or 90's range. Now I am proud to say that I'm consistency a single handicap golfer!!!

Last summer I decided to buy a golf practice net for my father's birthday. In the past I always had my reservations about using these practice aids in my back yard. Continued practice would surely destroy the grass/ground and the uneven ground level made it impossible to create consistency during practice. That's when I decided to build a simple foundation for the ground.
My wife will tell you that "simple" doesn't exist in my work. One of my major flaws in work flow is that I'm a perfectionist and I tend to go all out on anything I'm building. One thing let to another and I ended up building a practice platform that will satisfy all facets of the game. Whether you want to hit your driver, woods, irons, chips, or putts.


As a home owner with lot of greens in my backyard, I just never like to see too much plastic or anything that would tarnish the beauty of nature. That is why I only used weatherproof wood for the foundation and materials that are aesthetically consistent with the game of golf. Not only does this golf platform serve as the perfect practice facility, it actually beautifies your backyard and adds interests when friends and family come by.

Game Improvement:

I never like to sugarcoat anything or sell anything I don't believe in. I honestly never believed that this product I made would ever help my golf game out so much. Not only do you get to hit golf balls anytime you want, the way you practice and the things you practice will start to change immediately.
When you ask yourself what you practice at the golf driving range? Most people will say, hitting the driver, wood, irons straight/long. Do you ever practice chipping? Putting? How many chips and putts do you hit in a golf round vs. How many times you hit driver? Unfortunately the truth is you can hit a terrible drive off the tee but still make par on the hole as long as you hit good chips and putts.
When you're home you don't have to worry about the other people watching you. You can just go out and practice chip after chip, putt after putt without having to worry about external factors like, how many balls you have left, time you have to practice.
The more you use this platform the more you will start to understand the elements of golf. Things you never really thought about like how to use the bounce of the club, or the tempo of your swing, eye alignment, balance. Your able to focus on all these things because now you practice anytime you want, and repetition or consistency is the absolute key to getting better in this game or any sport for that matter.

Creates Joy & New Purpose

I'm proud to share that this golf platform I designed and built has truly brought joy and purpose to my customers. Golf game improvement was actually 2nd to the fact that people told me that I brought them joy and new excitement to their home. One of my customers is a retired man in his 60's who loved golf but never really practiced as much as he wanted to. When he was home, the only reason he would be in his backyard is to cut the grass or trim the trees. Otherwise he will be inside watching TV. Now he tells me that he goes outside at least 3-4 times a day and practices 15-20 minutes each time.
Another customer in his early 40's, who is always busy with work & life, told me that this golf platform didn't just improve his game, it brought joy to himself and in turn brought joy to his home and family.
This may sound a little far fetched and exaggerated but honestly, spending time outside and having that little time to yourself getting your mind away from work and daily stress is critical to a happy life. And that is what I created almost accidentally.

What started out to be a simple project turned out to be a product that can improve your golf game, your physical & mental health and more importantly bring joy to your life!

The Price & Build:

Extremely sturdy! My body frame and build is 6'3 220 lbs and this platform will not move at all. A lot of thinking went into the design, weight transfer, how the clubs impacts the ground, that is why ground support was added to the area where we stand and hollowed out where the club hits the ground because too much density in the ground will hurt the hands at impact. The cushion from the mat and hollowed out platform gives enough support to make impact seem authentic but not too hard like you're hitting off a matt that is sitting on concrete.

Other Golf Products I Created (sold separately):
1. Practice Mirror
2. Putting Alignment Tool with Smart Phone Analysis
3. Wooden Accessories

Please note:
This listing is for the golf platform only. Golf Clubs, Bags, Golf Net, Golf Balls, Putting aid & others are not included in this sale.

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