OBX Landmine Holder

$ 95.00

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*Please note that this listing is for the Landmine holder only, accessories shown in the picture are NOT included"

Works with all standard size landmine holders on the market with a 2" diameter.

This design was created by OMOIBOX specifically for those who workout at their home gym.
All you need is a barbell, dumbbells to hold the platform down, a landmine and your all set!

We created this because most landmine holders on the market require you to use your weight plates, and honestly I don't have enough lying around. So when you need those precious weight plates, you can use your dumbbells instead.

It's extremely effective & stable and your fitness needs will be expanded tremendously.
Just by having this landmine I can do countless back, core, legs, calf. You can even improvise and use your bench to do chest flyers and presses.

The best thing about this is that it's not in a fixed position, so when space is an issue you can do your workouts where it's convenient.

Built extremely sturdy and it is extremely reliable. It's time to take your home workouts to the next level with this simple addition to your home gym!

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