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Custom Order: Golf Club Stand (Reserved for Elizabeth O.)

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Product Details

This is a custom listing reserved for our special client, Elizabeth O.

Golf Club Stand 


Custom Design Details:

  1. Wood stain (Dark Brown) construction with UV-Ray/Waterproofing finish
  2. New custom engraving on the unit itself:
    • Engraving #1 (Olson)
    • Engraving #2 (10 down forever to go)

Please note the location of the engraving will be confirmed before we ship the item out. The tentative location is "Olson" on the bottom and "10 down forever to go" on the top.


Generic Product Description

OMOIBOX Golf Club Holder is a wood decorative stand. Personalized it with your name on a PGA Tour sign. Best putter rack and golf accessory for fathers day gift



  • Designed to be durable. Constructed with cedar wood and high end hardware
  • Folds open with ease
  • Excellent stability on any flat surface
  • Storage Friendly: Fold close for easy storage for garage
  • Personalize your golf club stand with a name and a comical "PGA Tour" sign to feel like a professional! Makes a wonderful gift to any golf lover
  • Universal: Keep any types of golf clubs and putters clean and dry
  • OBX Golf original design. Handcrafted and built from scratch by master craftsman in Port Washington, New York 



Height 32"

Length 18.5”

Width 24” is recommended depth. Varies on how wide you open it




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