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Solid Mahogany Display Case with Custom Holding Pins

$ 1,000.00

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Custom Build:  We understand that customers have their own specific size that they need. The price on this listing will be the same for all custom orders unless the size is significantly larger than the dimensions below.

During Checkout: Please let us know the size you would like. We will always 100% follow up with you on the design before we start the build. 

Inside Dimensions (of the box in the picture): 27" L X 8" W X 15" H

This display case was designed entirely by OMOIBOX DESIGNS from the ground up. Made from scratch the Mahogany wooden base was built from a slab, milled down and put together with a custom design that we worked tirelessly to perfect. Many of our customers are searching for a display case that is stable with an acrylic glass enclosure that will not tip over by accidental bumps. This is why we came up with this design. The holding pins and the entire structure is built very tastefully and sturdy.

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