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Wood Floor Mirror For Golf - Full Length Extra Large

$ 690

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Product Details

Made with weatherproof wood, this full length golf mirror will give you clarity and great swing feedback. Take a quick glance at your backswing, watch your swing temp & analyze all the things you are currently working on by watching yourself with this beautiful mirror.



• Made with waterproof Cedar wood, weather resistant design. Visually appealing and wood element blends in in the natural environment.

• Extra wide, full length mirror allows full views of your golf swing

• Practice golf swing drills in the mirror to improve your swing

• Phone holder: record and review for instant feedback

• Adjust swing plane and check shaft angle

• Create muscle memory through repetition of the proper swing

• Swing with confidence and improve your golf game

• OmoiBox OBX Golf original design. Exceptional Japanese craftsmanship, high-quality materials. Made to order in New York, USA


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