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Magnetic Chalk Box

$ 59.00

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Product Details

Magnetically Attaches!, Magnetically Opens!, Magnetically Awesome!

This custom made chalk holder was created with Cedar & Oak wood which beautifully holds the chalk that any lifter will appreciate.

Whether you work out at home or a gym goer, this magnetic & extremely versatile chalk box will make your workouts, more convenient and less messy.


1. Magnetic! Fitted with extremely strong magnets it will stick to the surface of your rack or bench rack etc. The lid is also fitted with magnets so the lid can be turned to open, or you can even completely remove it.

2. Aesthetically beautiful. I wanted something from my home gym that didn't look like an eye soar. This tasteful box really brought out a luxury element to my home gym.

3. Portability is made easy with the handle by attaching it your gym bag strap or simply throw it in your gym bag. You will appreciate making less of a mess to chalk up your hands with the residue remaining inside the box.

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