Innovative custom-made furniture inspired by Japanese Zen design. High quality materials and craftsmanship. Founded in NYC.

Custom 3 Piece Hot Tub Table and Stairs

$ 3,500

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• OMOIBOX's spa steps and table have been architecturally and perfectly designed to be used in any spa scheme
• Japanese onsen style inspired: Crafted simplicity of modern design and space saving compact form
• A solid cedar wood masterpiece: Individually hand cut cedar planks that was strategically pieced together to create a beautiful pattern that is warm and tactile
• Makes stepping into your hot tub with ease, highly functional and beautiful piece of spa furniture
• Three separate pieces that interlock and connecting design
• Designed and crafted using high-quality cedar wood and marine grade plywood which makes it naturally waterproof. Finished with waterproof polyurethane keeps it weatherproof and prevents water damage and cracking
• The table and 3 tier spa steps construct of sturdy design is rigid and stable, made extremely durable
• These versatile steps will enhance the appearance of your hot tub while adding value and functionality
• OMOIBOX original design and completely handcrafted by our shop in New York

These Japanese onsen style inspired spa-side steps and table were custom designed and made to perfectly fit the unused dead space. Custom fitted cut outs to fit around the smallest details to fill the space makes it easy to give your hot tub and backyard additional value and functionality. (custom cut outs available upon request)

Custom made to serve as a serving table while in the hot tub, but a perfect height and surface to get in and out of the tub. Attractive and provide a sense of security as you step into the soothing waters. OMOIBOX's articulately designed steps and table are perfect for your outdoor living space.




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