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Minimalist Desk Setup

$ 2,000

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Product Details

Length 52" x Height 25" x Depth 13.5"
In my experience living in an apartment or a home I always felt like the standard desk concept never worked for me. It was either way too bulky and didn't fit my room or it was small but not user friendly. Most of the time all of my clutter was showing, and things had to be sorted or "forced" into place.
This custom designed desk by OMOIBOX DESIGNS brings a minimalist simple look yet very versatile and unique. Whether you're working from home, an entrepreneur or even a YouTube blogger this desk can do it all while maintaining beautiful aesthetics.
  • Mobile desk with casters
  • Pull out laptop station for easy and comfortable work position
  • Pull out bottom draw for printers or easily access things in the back
  • Magnetic storage cover, hide away your clutter to create a more pleasant environment in your room
  • Floating mantel made with Mahogany and Maple wood (Must be installed into wall wood studs for monitor use)

Comes with:

  1. Mobile Desk
  2. Floating mantel shelf
  3. Magnetic cover for storage space
  4. Pull out laptop/keyboard surface
  5. Pull out storage bottom drawer
  6. Wooden trash can with lid




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