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Personalized Golf Putting Training Aid

$ 100

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  • Straight line putting alignment guides with smartphone analysis 
  • Extremely versatile, many ways to practice for all levels of players
  • Platform with 4 multi colored putting blockers. They can be adjusted for level of difficulty
  • Effectively help correct eye alignment and inconsistent putter alignment 
  • Ball return: Designed to return good putts and reject bad ones
  • Provide accurate feedback: Analyze your putting stroke with smart phone recording capability - Simply put your smartphone behind the ball return, record to see your alignment and stroke speed, and how the ball reacts via contact with your putter face - TRY IT. it will blow your mind how much your ball pulls or pushes off your putter face, help you understand alignment and ball speed 
  • Build repetition into your practice and makes practicing short putts entertaining
  • OBX Golf original design. Handcrafted and built from scratch with high quality craftsmanship in Port Washington, New York 



What good is knocking it close to the pin when you keep missing putts inside of 6 feet. Frustrating! 

But there is Good News! This putting aid that I created from many hours of painstaking research / trial & error WILL help your putting. 

There are many ways to practice with this training aid. Everyone has their own way of practicing and learning. This training aid will adapt to your abilities. 

As you play or practice with it you will learn how to use it to your benefit. The lines of the platform will square you up to the ball and the rest will come naturally. 

With a little practice I guarantee this aid will improve your putting stroke! 


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