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This page is dedicated for those people, who absolutely love golf and always want the latest and greatest toys for not only game improvement but to bring joy and peace to our busy lives.

My name is Tessei and my wife's name is Janice and we are the founders of OMOIBOX. OMOIBOX Golf Creations was founded in conjunction with our homegrown woodworking business. We specialize in creating, designing & inventing our own handmade products. 

A little about me & My golf game:

I'm 38 years old and I started playing golf when I was 18 when the golf boom began. Golfers became athletes and everyone was striving to hit the ball as far as Tiger. I absolutely fell in love with the game and I was addicted. 

Unfortunately after I left for college, finding time to practice and to actually go out to course and play became impossible. And now that I'm married and have a family it's even more of a challenge. For the past 15-20 years my love for the game never faded but my score was always the same. On a good day I'll shoot mid to high 80's and on a bad day I'll shoot mid 90's. Soon golf mechanics didn't even matter, practice didn't even matter because I thought to myself I just don't have the time to get better and my score will always be the same and positive thinking can only take you so far =). 

The fact of the matter is, you need to consistently hit golf balls to get better. And not only that you need a great short game and putting stroke. 

After I started using my own golf improvement products, I was able to practice every single day. That's right I was able to just open the door to my backyard, hit 30-60 balls every single day!

One thing led to another and on my next round I started shooting low 80's and thereafter I was shooting in the high 70's. Sounds impossible right? Sounds like a dream and believe me I never thought that I would be able to shoot this well. Because I became so confident in my swing, I was thinking clearer on the golf course, hitting the "big dog" when I needed to and laying up when there was danger. Going for the 230 yard 2nd shot on the par 5's and actually sticking it. This all started with the idea of making a practice mat in my backyard to be able to practice little by little everyday. 

A month before I started this, I never felt confident standing over the ball. I never fully understood what I was trying to do with my swing, and all I thought about was "don't chunk" or "don't blade" the ball. A month ago I was chucking 30 yard chip shots, slicing my 7 iron and not being able to hit greens in regulation. Being able to hit balls on a daily basis made me understand the golf game, it's mechanics so much. 

My father is about a 18 handicapper and he absolutely loves the golf base and practice mirror. He's literally outside 2-3 times a day and he says it's "therapeutic" and absolutely addicting. 

My kids love practicing on it, and since they are still small they love the putting aspect of it. It's like miniature golf in the backyard, and it's amazing to see how much they can learn just by playing and having fun on it. 

All of my creations are extremely well thought out, can withstand the elements of all weather conditions, with proper care and almost everything is easily replaceable. 

No more plastic, and cheap materials which is an eyesore in your beautiful backyard. The wooden aesthetics actually add beauty to your home. To me golf is about nature, being outside with the trees, fresh cut grass and that is why my products are made utilizing natural elements rather than materials that can be harmful to the environment. 

All of my products are designed and created by us. A bunch of amateur golfers striving to be single handicappers. I made a believer out of myself and many high handicap golfers. I strongly believe I can make a believer out of you as long as you have the passion for golf as I do. 

Thank you for visiting our store and please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions. 


Tessei & Janice Ban

Founders of OMOIBOX Golf Creations