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Barbell Weight Plate Stopper

$ 29.00

Natural Wood
Magnetic Option
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Product Details

Please note:
This listing is for the wedge only.
The Barbell Loading Assistant is sold separately.

Features of Weight Plate Stopper, Dead Wedge
- Durable natural wood with non-slip design
- Secure weight plate for easy loading and unloading of plates,
- Prevents barbell from rolling
- Can handle any weight amount
- Magnetic design enable it to magnetically attach to any magnetic surfaces such as bar bell. Works together with OmoiBox's Barbell Weight Plate Loading Assistant
- Portable and small, easily fit in gym bag
- OmoiBox original design
- Handcrafted entirely in our shop by us!

- Magnetic option/ Regular (non-magnetic)
- Natural Wood Finish/ White/ Black
- Custom Finish: wood stain/paint. The faces of the unit can be colored
- Custom Finish + Personalized Engraving: We can do engravings on the unit for motivation! (When checking out please let us know what kind of engraving you would like in the comment section.)

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