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Height Adjustable Basketball Mounting System

$ 650

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Product Details

  • Designed for outdoor residential play
  • Intend for mounting OBX basketball backboard
  • Ease of installation and use
  • Mount bracket to a wooden post. The post could be mounted directly over the garage or barn. It leaves a nice space in between the wall and backboard, visually it looks great and it makes adjustability easier since there is space to work.
  • The bracket is capable of supporting the weight of the backboard so no additional support will be needed. However, the foundation to where you will be mounting it is critical to the support of the entire system since it is quite heavy. 
  • OBX Basketball original design. Handcrafted and built from scratch by master craftsman in Port Washington, New York 


Adjustment Range

  • Provide stable and reliable height adjustable that will last 
  • Simply install to your desired height
  • You can change its height as your child grows every year. We use a 12 feet post which will allow the bracket to adjust to the regulation height of 10 feet high


  • Wooden height adjustable bracket
  • Wooden stopper for support, helps for a safe and easy installation


Package Dimensions 

45” × 10” × 9” inches 



The anchor bracket mounting system was created for mounting OBX basketball backboard outdoors. Designed to be height adjustable. It can grow with your child.

The bracket simply needs a pressure treated lumber. We tried very hard to create a simple system that is extremely reliable and stable.  


Please Note
4” x 4” or 4” x 6” wooden post
Available at any local Home Depot or Lowe’s 
Installation Setup

Step 1

Post install:

Cement the post into the ground with concrete 


Bolt and anchor down the post to a shed or garage

In our application we have a whole post. We have small children and it can grow with them with height adjustment

If you are mounting to a garage you can just cut the post to length

Step 2

Install Safety Stopper onto post  


Step 3

Attach backboard to the bracket with four heavy duty bolts which we precut and provide


Step 4

Mount bracket to the post. The bracket simply slides up and down the post with ease, and you just need to secure it with four bolts which will be provided.



Please watch the video for clarity





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