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Home Gym Mirror Frame

$ 119

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Looking for the best gym mirror for your home gym?

One of the most needed pieces of equipment in your home gym is a mirror. However unlike the gym you can only have so many places you can put the mirror and most of the time you need them in different places according to what exercise you will be performing.



This DIY put-it-together mirror frame kit solves all your home gym essential needs.

The custom wooden mirror frame will easily build right into this specific sized mirror with a few screws. You can purchase the mirror separately from any local Home Depot. Now you have a large portable workout mirror that looks luxurious.

Put it virtually anywhere in your room, by using the floating shelf that comes with it. Purchase multiple shelves to put it in other places in your room.

When the shelves are not in use, you can easily use it for other home needs.



The mirror frame will fit any 30" W x 36" H x 1/8" Thickness mirror. Can be purchased separately at any local home improvement store for around $20


*Please Note*

This listing includes:

  • Wooden Mirror Frame
  • Floating Shelf x 1
  • Does NOT include mirror

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