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Personalized Golf Putting Training Aid

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Take your golfing skills to the next level with the OBX Golf Personalized Putting Training Aid. Elevate your performance on the greens as you refine your alignment, perfect your stroke, and achieve unparalleled consistency. Explore our innovative solution now and unlock a new realm of golfing excellence!



🎯 Precision Putting Alignment Guides with Smartphone Analysis: Achieve perfect alignment and eliminate stroke inconsistencies through visual guides. Capture your practice sessions on your smartphone for detailed analysis of alignment, stroke speed, ball reaction, and green reading.

Customizable Practice Platform: Designed for golfers of all skill levels, the platform features four multi-colored putting blockers that are adjustable for varying difficulty levels, offering endless practice possibilities.

🎖️ Effective Eye Alignment Correction: Address common eye alignment errors and inconsistent putter alignment. Experience improved accuracy and consistency on the greens.

🏆 Ball Return: Optimize your practice with the ball return mechanism, reinforcing successful putts and rejecting inaccurate ones. This system empowers you to fine-tune your putting technique efficiently.

📸 Putting Mirror with Integrated Smartphone Support: Record your putting stroke from behind the ball return using your smartphone. Analyze your alignment, stroke speed, ball reaction, and green reading. Gain insights into the intricate dynamics between your putter face and the ball's trajectory.

🔄 Engaging Repetitive Practice: Elevate your short putt proficiency by building repetition into your practice routine. Transform each practice session into an enjoyable and productive experience.

🌟 Crafted Innovation from OBX Golf: Handcrafted in Port Washington, New York, our pioneering putting training aid embodies meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring quality and effectiveness.



Wave goodbye to missed putts within six feet, ending the frustration once and for all. Introducing the OBX Golf Personalized Golf Putting Training Aid – the culmination of extensive research and refinement.

Adapting seamlessly to your practice preferences, this versatile aid offers diverse ways to refine your putting prowess. The alignment guides on the platform effortlessly align you with the ball, transforming consistency and accuracy into second nature.

Benefit from hours of research and relentless experimentation – this training aid guarantees to enhance your putting stroke, refining green reading, mastering speed, perfecting alignment, and achieving unwavering consistency. Embrace a new era of putting mastery. 

Elevate Your Putting Game with OBX Golf – Your Pathway to Mastery on the Greens!


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