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Record Player / Receiver / 3 tier record holder Stand Rack *Custom Engraving

$ 1,900

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Product Details

A completely custom design by OmoiBox, this 3 tier record player holder is surely an eye catching furniture piece for your home.

Inside Dimensions:
1st Tier: 4.5"Height x 15.5" Width x 18.5" Length (Made to store a receiver)
2nd & 3rd Tier: 13.5" Height x 15.5" Width x 18.5" Length (Two record storage compartments)

Overall Dimensions
Height 39" x Legth 21.5" x Width 19.5"

Each unit we make has slight variances because no wood is exactly the same as the other. Therefore when working with different pieces the outcome could slightly differ. For example some parts of the box may be a lighter color than the other. The overall design and finish will be the same.


Stored and shipped in a crate. Must be available to sign from the shipping/Freight company. Cannot leave unattended on your doorstep.

Return/Ordering Policy:

Absolutely no returns or exchanges or any monetary reimbursement for any reason. This is a custom product made to order so there will be slight variances from one product to another. We ensure everything we send out is beautiful.




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