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Wood Floor Mirror For Golf - Reserved for Wayne D.

$ 690

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Practice golf drills with a generous size golf mirror, you will be able to see full views of your golf swing as well as a verity of golf swing positions. Improve your golf swing with direct visual feedback which you can link to your body movements and all your positions. It is an essential piece of equipment for practicing both long and short game.



• Made with waterproof Cedar wood, weather resistant design. Visually appealing and wood element blends in in the natural environment.

• Extra wide, full length mirror allows full views of your golf swing

• Practice golf swing drills in the mirror to improve your swing

• Phone holder: record and review for instant feedback

• Adjust swing plane and check shaft angle

• Create muscle memory through repetition of the proper swing

• Swing with confidence and improve your golf game

• OmoiBox OBX Golf original design. Exceptional Japanese craftsmanship, high-quality materials. Made to order in New York, USA


Extra Large Golf Mirror:
Mirror size is full frame     






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