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Samurai Baseball Necklace

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Samurai Baseball Necklace: Boost Your Performance


Samurai means a noble warrior who possesses courage, skill, and power. That’s exactly what you need to succeed in baseball.


Our braided rope design is inspired by Samurai warriors. They used a traditional Japanese technique to create strong and durable cords for their armor and weapons. By channeling the spirit of the samurai, you will enhance your performance and good luck with the symbol of courage, skill, and power.



  • Show your strength and confidence on and off the field with this unique and fashionable accessory
  • Improve your game experience with this comfortable, durable, and eye catching necklace
  • Handcrafted in USA. Custom make to match your team colors
  • Thickness: 1 cm (10mm)
  • Push button magnetic clasp


Number Charm with Swarovski Crystal Option

If you choose to add the number charm let us know your number in the comment section during checkout. Thank you.


Imagine yourself wearing this Samurai Style necklace as you step onto the field. You feel more confident, more focused, more motivated. You feel like you can do anything. You hit harder, run faster, catch better. You are ready to hit it out of the park with your Samurai Baseball necklace! You score more runs, win more games. You become a legend. You become a samurai.



    • “I bought this necklace for my son who plays baseball in college, and he loves it. He says it gives him confidence and strength on the field, and he always gets compliments on his style. The quality is amazing, and the colors are exactly what he wanted. Thank you for this awesome product!” - Lisa M.
    • “This necklace is a must have for any baseball fan. It’s comfortable, durable, and looks great. I wear it every time I watch or play baseball, and I feel like a samurai warrior. It also helps me focus and perform better. I highly recommend this necklace to anyone who loves baseball and wants to stand out from the crowd.” - Ryan S.
    • “I received this necklace as a gift from my girlfriend, and I was blown away by how beautiful and unique it is. The silk braided rope is eye catching and matches my team colors perfectly. I get so many compliments on it, and I always tell people where I got it from. This is the best gift ever, thank you so much!” - Kevin T.


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