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This listing comes with TWO Jacks & ONE Assisting Arm



• Each Standard Axe - Thickness 1.5" Natural Wood Tone

With a removable handle which can be jacked up from both sides of the Axe. Why do you need a handle you ask? After you finish loading up the plates it's a bit of a back breaker to push the barbell down. The handle lets you effortlessly tilt the bar off the Axe and control the barbell so it doesn't go rolling out of control.

Our very popular Axe Jack can also be used in pairs for many uses. We designed a removable arm that locks into place enabling you to dismount the barbell effortlessly.

• Store your barbell in the corner of your room on the jack stands
• Keep barbell in place, and elevated off the ground
• Make loading weights easier using dual axe jacks
• Extremely stable and reliable
• Each axe is made with high grade Maple plywood. One of the toughest and hardest plywood on the market
• OBX Fitness original design. Handcrafted and built from scratch by master craftsman in Port Washington, New York



What is this thing?

It's used by athletes who love to lift weights! Anyone who uses a barbell on the ground knows the hassle of loading and unloading those round weight plates. The lifting jacks keep the barbell and circular weights elevated off the ground so swapping weights are made super easy! Try it out you will love it!!! =)


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