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Wooden Basketball Backboard

$ 1,250

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Slam dunk your curb appeal with this decorative basketball hoop! Wooden basketball backboard features NBA regulation rectangle. Rim by Spalding.




  • Individually hand cut wooden planks that are stained piece by piece in three different color stains include chestnut, mahogany and walnut
  • Planks are attached to a 3/4 inch wood base then reinforced. Put together block by block in a flooring pattern, matched according to the wood grain pattern, to produce an eye popping piece of art
  • NBA regulation dimensions: marked with a 2" wide white rectangle centered that was hand cut, painted and placed individually 
  • Coats of varnish, and a protective coating are applied
  • OmoiBox OBX Basketball original design. Exceptional Japanese craftsmanship, high-quality materials. Made to order in New York, USA



• 28" Wooden mini basketball hoop (Red rim. Includes 5" Spalding mini ball)

• 42" Superior

• 52" Ultimate 



  • NBA regulation rim and net. With pre-drilled holes for easy install
  • Color options: Black or red rim by Spalding


Outdoor Use

  • For outdoor application, we use specialty wood and weatherproof materials. Extra treatments will apply to waterproof to make sure the wood doesn't warp or bend
  • Extremely durable and hardwearing. Built to be outside, and withstand the elements of outdoor
  • Solid Maple wood constructed sides and seams are completely sealed to avoid moisture from entering
  • Finished with multiple layers of weather resistant protective coating, preserve from harmful UV rays, ensure that the finish will last
  • Mount directly over the garage, onto shed, barn, or in-ground on a post



Width 42"

Height 32"


Do you love basketball? OBX Basketball backboard is made of 100% solid hardwood, extremely sturdy and durable construction. Our high quality backboard provides stability from movement and excellent rebound. No assembly required, arrive ready to mount, easy installation.

Complete with our Height Adjustable Mounting System (sold separately). The solid, stable and reliable setup that will last. You will feel satisfied and enjoy more hoops!


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