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$ 1,250

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Product Details

Corner Cabinet With Built-in Cooling Fan, Home Theater, Entertainment Center, AV Cabinet, Custom Design Furniture System


  • This corner cabinet is handcrafted and made with durable quality material. We do not use cheap MDF wood that most cabinets utilize. Quality material means long lasting and if you ever have a need to repaint or refinish, then that would be easily possible
  • We create extra wide panels to achieve this oversize shape, and mortise and tenon joinery where strength is needed
  • Adjustable cabinet shelf is included (one shelf per order, more can be requested with an additional cost)
  • HVLP professional spray gun used to achieve a beautiful quality color
  • High quality hinges and knobs are used as well
  • Each piece is finished, hand-crafted from wood and designed by OMOIBOX, custom made for you


Example in pictures:

Total height: 24 inches

Length of each side touching the walls: 18 inches

Different Size or Different Color?

No problem if its a smaller size or within a few inches of this listing please just place the order and in the comment section during checkout just state your specific needs. Or you can just inquire beforehand by email at


Cabinet Grade (Extremely Strong and Durable)


This corner cabinet is not only a space saver but it is custom fit with a thermostat, fan, and sensor. This system will enable you to hide away all your unwanted electronics that you don't want exposed in your beautifully furnished home. A lot of problems people face with storing away electronics in cabinets is that they get too hot in the tight space, the products can overheat, and they can potentially get damaged. No need to worry! This cabinet can regulate its internal temperature and the fan is extremely quiet!



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