Innovative custom-made furniture inspired by Japanese Zen design. High quality materials and craftsmanship. Founded in NYC.


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• These soundbar shelves were built with simplicity & beauty in mind to showcase the natural wood grain of the hardwood
• Japanese quality craftsmanship & unique yet functional details
• We buy pure slabs of solid mahogany wood and mill them down piece by piece
• The wood is carefully chosen to show beautiful patterns, then it is sanded down until it is extremely smooth while preserving the natural flow of the gorgeous wood
• Custom wire holes and covers built in: we made wire hole covers where the wires are not necessary. Sometimes you may need to setup your TV in a different way requiring rewiring and we wanted to make this possible by making the shelf accessible from all sides
• Mortise and tenon joinery were used to stabilize the two pieces when connecting so the shelf is extremely durable
• 4mm end caps were hand cut to size to hide the end grain on both sides so that when we stain or paint the entire piece will appear seamless
• Extremely easy to mount with two mounting points, hardware included
• Beautiful Swarovski Crystals and your choice of gold or silver plated accent rings included to cover the mounting holes. Add to an overall elegance
• Natural woods are like wine: They age extremely well. Take Mahogany for example, they start out in a lighter tone and as they age they darken beautifully. Natural wood shines beautifully at different angles and different light tones. So your shelf will look different under sunlight from different time of the day

• OMOIBOX original design. Handcrafted and built from scratch with high quality craftsmanship in Port Washington, New York


• Custom Size Option: This option allows for full customizations including the sound bar width, depth and height and holes to pass wires through the shelf

Please let us know the size you need in the comment section during checkout. We always follow up with our customers if this option is missed so no worries!

Weight Capacity: 30lbs



A beautiful wooden wall mount shelf for the TV sound bar. Having the soundbar elevated greatly improves the ability of the sound waves to reach across the room. Most sound bars are laid on top of a stand or drawer and people tend to place things in front of it. This affects the viewing experience in many negative ways. Sometimes the remote cannot reach the soundbar because of objects blocking the sensor, and in turn the sound is blocked as well. Save some space, improve your sound systems and have an awesome television or home theater viewing experience.

Every sound bar has its own unique design and shape. That is why we offer full customization. We specialize in designing eye popping pieces that are fully functional for your needs. Whether you need holes to pass wires through the shelf, or you need a wider or longer shelf we can do it all. Just purchase the "custom size" option in the drop down menu and then we will go through in detail what exactly you will need.




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