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Custom Military Shadow Box

$ 605

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Magnetic Custom Shadow Box Display Case - For Military, Army, Navy, Air Force - Memorabilia, Badges, Metals, Pins - Interchangeable Design


Our Magnetic Custom Shadow Box Display Case creatively showcase keepsake collections. Built-in magnets allow interchangeable display items. Perfect for Memorabilia, Badges, Metals, or Pins.


• Two tone finish design. Beautiful and bright Cedar wood back base allows display items to stand out, while a dark stain frame create a beautiful contrast

• Individually hand cut cedar block selected to put together in a flooring pattern to showcase its beauty

• Acrylic glass top enclosed lid

• Wall mount design to save space

• Easy to mount. Two mounting points on the box

• Custom screw hole covers that are accessorized with silver or gold accent pieces with Swarovski crystals

• Specialized super strong magnets placed in your desired locations to display your pins, badges etc.

• Built-in magnets for easy on and off usage. Not only is this method of display beautiful, but it makes showing off your accolades a lot easier and you will be more inclined to do so

• Made with the finest materials and joinery

• OMOIBOX original design. Handcrafted and built from scratch with high quality craftsmanship in Port Washington, New York


The display case shown was made specifically to hold eight medals and two large army patches

Length 20"

Height 14"

Depth 3"

• Custom size and design available upon request

We offer customization, if you need a custom shape, size, or unique color, please send us a message to tell us about your creative idea! We specialize in handmade and custom built and we would love to help turn your inspiration into one of a kind custom piece.


* Optional mountable name engraving plaque available


Using super strong magnets to hold the medals in place. This shadow box will give you easy access. If you ever want to take it off to look at it or show it, simply pull them off the case.

Our design and builds are 100% unique and owned by us. We only use the finest quality material and the build is done to perfection. We use custom innovation to make products that don't exist on the market, and made to serve your custom needs.






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