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Custom Wooden Spice Rack

$ 650

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Product Details

Do you want a custom built spice rack in your kitchen?



• OMOIBOX custom wooden spice rack is made with solid wood

• Designed to fit a total of 98 spice jar slots - 17 of 3.625" diameter jars and 81 of 2" diameter jars

• Custom cutout on the bottom right corner to fit around a kitchen wall outlet

• Two tone finishes match and elevate the atheistic of your kitchen space

• Kitchen organizer - Helps keep your spice collection organized

• Wall mounted system is a countertop and cabinet space saver

• OMOIBOX original design. Handcrafted and built from scratch with high quality craftsmanship in Port Washington, New York



Length 35"

Height 24.75"

Depth 4.75"

• Create your own size that fit your custom space



Any design/ shape/ #of slots we can build it for you. This particular spice rack you see in the pictures was designed to fit 2" jars as well as 3.625" diameter jars. The bottom right cutout was to custom fit around a kitchen wall outlet.

Custom pieces for your home are very popular because of its functionality and space saving needs. You no longer have to "make things work" for your home.

If cooking is your passion and you would like a beautiful spice rack in your kitchen please reach out to us and we will make it a reality!


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