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Desk Dude

$ 79

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Desk Dude - A Desk Organizer, Wooden Docking Station, Gift for Men



• Desk Dude holds your phone, wallet, keys, glasses, hat, watch, rings, keys and more!

• Dress up your desk dude with your accessories!

• Made from high quality Birch wood. Sturdy construction and built to last

• Essential for every desk - perfect addition for office organization, the one desktop organizer that is useful and fun!

• Custom option allows you to choose your desire finish to match your decor

• OMOIBOX original design. Handcrafted and built from scratch with high quality craftsmanship in Port Washington, New York



Width 18"

Depth 4"

Height 19"

• Measurements, type of wood and design elements are completely customizable, just send us a message!



Easy to assemble. Just slide the two pieces together with the interlocking design

This unit will be shipped flat



The Desk Dude is an absolute must have when it comes to organization. Hat, watch, earphone, wallet, sunglasses, glasses, phone, keys and any other things you just throw down. The Desk Dude will handle it all for you.


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