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Golf Putter Alignment Sticker

$ 25

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Product Details

Do you want to master your putting game and lower your scores? Do you struggle with alignment, consistency, and confidence on the green? If so, you need the Golf Putter Alignment Sticker by OBX Golf - the ultimate golf putter accessory that will transform your putting performance!


• You will improve your putting alignment, consistency, and accuracy with the golf putter center line sticker by OBX Golf.
• You will elevate your confidence and lower your scores with the golf putter alignment aid for better accuracy.
• You will transform your putting performance with the golf putter improvement sticker that features a bright red center line for enhanced visibility and aim.
• The golf putter performance sticker is made of durable premium vinyl. Engineered with laminated protection, it is easily washable and resistant to weather.
• You can have fun and unleash your creativity with the golf putter accessory that comes with four versatile uncut circles for other applications. (such as creating your own alignment aid, marking your golf ball for a quick transformation to resemble triple track golf balls. According to Callaway, using these tools improve 27% accuracy).


• Circle Diameter: 1.5 inches

Contents (Set of 6):
• 2 Pre-Cut Circles
• 4 uncut Circles

Don’t miss this opportunity to take your putting game to the next level. Order the Golf Putter Alignment Sticker today and get ready to impress your friends and rivals on the course.

Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our happy customers have to say:

“I love this sticker. It really helps me align my putter and swing through the correct path. I’ve used it for 2 weeks and I can see the difference in my scores. Highly recommend it.” - Sam, 11 handicap

“This is a great tool to put on your putter to help you align. Get the sticker and make more putts. It’s easy to apply and remove, and it looks great on my putter.” - Lisa, 15 handicap

“This sticker is awesome. It gives me more confidence and consistency on the green. It’s also fun to use the uncut circles for other purposes. I marked my ball with one and it looks like a triple track ball. Very cool.” - Mike, 18 handicap





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