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Interactive Magic Gold Lantern Charm

$ 199

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This whimsical magic lantern charm is a product we designed & created. It can be attached to your purse, backpack or just let it sit on your desk and beauty your space. 

It's interactive! 

The wand on top can be removed and attached magnetically. Inside the charm, the wooden cube with a Swarovski crystal can be controlled by the magic wand. The red and gold colored beads resemble the bright colors of the lantern candlelight. By using the magnetic wand, you elegantly move the candle light. 

We can engrave the bottom of the lantern with a personal message (Holiday Greetings, Romantic, or any occasion) Japanese calligraphy is available as well. 

Please let us now in the comment section during checkout. 

Designed with Oak wood, high end metallic gold pieces along with silk tassel strands (imported from Japan), we designed a miniature lantern that will surely be appreciated as a gift and a holiday accessory.

2.75" height x 1.3" width (inches)




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