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Magnetic Knife Holder For Wall

$ 300

Type Of Wood
How Many Swarovski Crystals Magnetic Spots?
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OmoiBox Magnetic Knife Holder is a beautiful, easy and safe way to store and organize your knives. This modern, wall-mounted knife rack is extra large. Give your premium chef knives an attractive presentation. All in a range of sizes to fit any kitchen space!




• Knife security: Strategically placed extra-strength magnets embedded in the wood. An extremely strong hold yet knife is easy to attach and remove. Safely and securely hold your largest and heaviest knife. Keep your knives stay in place

• Large knife strip beautifully stands out. Designed to store knives of all sizes and weights. The extra height (and extra magnets) secure a strong hold, and accommodate holding small knives on top and bottom placement

• Embellished with gold or silver rings (imported from Japan) with Swarovski crystals inside. It guides where the knives should be placed

• Easy to install: Mount directly to a wall with two screws. For a clean and elegant look, mounting holes are covered and beautified by Swarovski crystals, screws are hidden once installed

• Durable: Made of solid wood. Finished with a food-safe non-toxic top coat. Stand up to long-term use. Built to last!

• OmoiBox Visionary Creations original design. Exceptional Japanese craftsmanship, high-quality materials. Made to order in New York, USA



Wood Stain - 7 slots (Hold 7 big knives, up to 14 small knives on top and bottom position)
Length 25"
Height 8"
Depth 1"

Mahogany Wood - 8 slots (Hold 8 big knives, up to 16 small knives on top and bottom position)
Length 28.5"
Height 8"
Depth 1"

Bamboo Knife Block - 4 slots (Hold 4 big knives, up to 8 small knives on top and bottom position)
Length 15"
Height 14"
Depth 1"

• Each additional knife slot adds 3.5" in length

• Need a custom finish or size? Send us a message!



Designed with beauty, functionality and quality in mind. Utilize a well thought out magnetic system to hold knives securely. Save countertop space while adding convenience and ease of preparing food for your family. Keep your knives sharp and prevent rusting. Our modern magnetic knife rack is a perfect way to organize your kitchen knives.






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