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Magnetic Steak Serving Board

$ 405.00

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Product Details

Wooden steak serving board made of premium walnut wood. Perfect for cutting and serving steaks, cheeses, appetizers and more. Personalized steak board makes an excellent gift. 




  • Magnetic feature: hold up to two knives. Conveniently have it handy to slice your meat
  • Juice groove to collect juices, so they don't run off the board
  • Rest, carve and serve your steak directly on the board
  • Using traditional techniques, handcrafted from gorgeous walnut wood, known for its richness and antibacterial properties
  • Personalize with initials or name, makes a wondering gift


More Details

  • Crafted of premium solid walnut wood. Beautiful natural grain and individual texture
  • Finished with food-safe coconut oil, beeswax, mineral oil and vitamin e to assist an antimicrobial hydrophobic surface that eliminates bacteria
  • Durable 1.75-inch thick and richness of the steak board is an impressive serving board or tray for cheese and charcuterie 
  • Perfect to cut and serve vegetables, fruits, herbs and meat
  • OmoiBox original design. Handcrafted and built from scratch with high-quality craftsmanship in New York, USA


Length 18”

Width 9”

Thickness 1.75"


Cleaning & Care

  • Hand-wash with warm, soapy water. Dry immediately
  • For the best possible care, rub monthly with a food-safe mineral oil using a clean, dry cloth, and soak overnight. Allow the board to dry and wipe off any excess oil. It will prevent cracking and ensure this walnut board is a favorite in your kitchen for years


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