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Multipurpose Kitchen Utensil Holder with Magnetic Knife Stand

$ 295

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OmoiBox Kitchen Utensil Holder is a multipurpose knife storage solution. Store your cutlery and cooking utensils in one place. On a convenient magnetic knife rack and utensil holder.




• Multipurpose: 2 in 1 kitchen utensil holder set. Features a standing magnetic knife rack with utensil holder attached. Plus a stand alone magnetic steak knife holder

• Knife security: Extremely strong magnetic field hold even your largest and heaviest knife securely

• Large capacity: Hold up to 6 knives on a knife stand. Up to 6 cutlery on steak knife holder

• Anti-rust: Keep your knives sharp and prevent rusting.

• Durable: Made of premium solid Oak wood. Elegant red stripe design. Finished with a food-safe top coat. Stand up to long-term use. Built to last!

• OmoiBox Visionary Creations original design. Handcrafted and built from scratch with high quality craftsmanship in Port Washington, New York



Kitchen Utensil Holder with Knife Stand total dimensions:
Length 18.25"
Height 7.8"
Depth 5"

Steak Knife Holder:
Length 12.5"
Height 4.75"
Depth 3.75"

Need a custom size or finish? Send us a message!



This multifunctional utensil holder with a magnetic knife rack keeps your cooking tools conveniently within reach in one place. Designed with beauty, functionality and quality in mind. Modern minimalistic design showcases your knives and utensils. Steak knife holder safely secure knives on the dining table for guests and away from children. Or use it to store your paring knives in the kitchen. End grains are hidden beautifully and the separate pieces are connected naturally with no screws. An elegant and sturdy piece for any kitchen.





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