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Custom Order: Custom Display Case (Reserved for Mike L.)

$ 190

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Product Details

This is a custom listing reserved for our special client, Mike L.


Base color: Black

Dimensions: LxHxW. 2 7/8 × 3.25 x 11 1/8

***Please confirm that the dimensions provided are INTERNAL dimensions 



Generic description:

Custom Display Cases For Collectibles | Wood And Acrylic Glass Display Case | Large Model Display Case | Custom Wooden Display Case

Do you have collectibles to display? Wood And Acrylic Glass Display Case from OmoiBox are made to order and will beautifully showcase your item. Built-in LED lights and mirrors engage viewing experiences.


• Table top wood and acrylic glass display case design. Route each end to fit an acrylic glass case

• Custom designs wooden base in a variety of styles to match your space. Examples: Mahogany wood, black paint. We can do any type of wood and finish of your choice

• Five sided acrylic glass is removable. It lets you see your pride and joy display items from every angle. Large cases use thicker acrylic for extra durability and strength

• Mahogany Wood Display Case:
Designed with stability and security in mind. Custom fit holding pins securely hold the glass in place. Holding pins are accessorized with Swarovski crystals. Features beautiful mahogany wood, built from a slab and milled down. The entire structure is built tastefully and very sturdy. It will not tip over by accidental bumps or pets

• Add an LED light strip. Color changing by remote control and dimmable

• Add mirror on the base to showcase the bottom of your model builds

• OmoiBox original design. Exceptional Japanese craftsmanship, high-quality materials. Made to order in New York, USA


Inside measurements (acrylic)

Black Finish Display Case:
Length 32.5"
Height 14.5"
Depth 8.5"

Mahogany Wood Display Case:
Length 27"
Height 15"
Depth 8"

• Contact us to start your custom display case order



Do you have something special to display? Our display case is completely customizable. Made to order based on your needs and wants. Perfect for showcase your collectibles or achievements in your home or office!




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