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Steel Plated Wooden Target that Transforms to Home Decor

$ 299

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Product Details

Custom Wooden Target, created with 100% solid wood with cnc laser cut logo. The finish of the wood is beautiful so that when it sits in your home it will look like a display piece. Easily transforms into a photo display so nobody will ever know it's main purpose. Steel targets for satisfying impact sound and magnetically removed and rearrange everything to your needs.

Why I created this:

Airsoft! I have been a big fan or airsoft since I was a kid and I never really found a target that I like on the market. I didn't want to store anything in my house that looked like a gun target because let's just face it, its not pretty and not really in compliant with the opinion and views of everyone.
This target looks beautiful and it can easily transform into a photo display or anything that you can magnetically hang on it. There is a steel insert on the back and you can stick anything magnetic on it.
When I want to use it I simply bring it outside and stick on my steel targets and when I'm done I remove the targets and put my custom photo frame back on. Literally takes seconds to do.




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