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Target Rings Golf Chipping Game

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Wooden Target Rings for Golf Training

Strengthen your short game, by making chipping and putting fun! Turn it into a game, challenge your buddies and watch your accuracy improve!



Being able to control your distance from around the green is crucial to eliminating those unwanted 3 putts. Practice your distance control by aiming your chips at the 3 different targets. If you master this, you're gonna shoot low!



Place these rings on the green smallest one (red) closest to you and the farthest one (blue). Practice lagging your putts one distance to another. The farthest one is the largest one because you will be able to relax your mind making the target larger. A lot of times we tend to make the target so small making it feel unrealistic to make the putt. 



Red, Yellow and Blue

Personalization and custom finish is available. Simply check out and leave a comment.



It's a known fact that statistically each foot you're putting length increases your probability of making the butt dramatically decreases. That is why it is so important to practice your short game. OBX Golf target rings make golf chipping a fun game!


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