Innovative custom-made furniture inspired by Japanese Zen design. High quality materials and craftsmanship. Founded in NYC.

Walnut & Maple Wood Jewelry Box

$ 2,725

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Product Details



  • Walnut wood and Maple wood
  • Two tone design. The combination of walnut wood and maple wood compliment each other and bring out the natural beauty 
  • Glass top design to display your favorite jewelry 
  • Checker pattern suede flocking
  • High end gold plated L hinges with lid stops
  • Gold plated accent pieces with Swarovski crystals design (imported from Japan)
  • Lock box and key with a gold star charm (imported from Japan)
  • Removable watch and bracelet holder (OmoiBox’s original signature design)
  • His and her ring and earring holder
  • Removable inner box to access bottom level for more storage


OmoiBox is proud to introduce our Walnut and Maple Wood Jewelry Box. Each box is handmade from scratch. We searched for the finest materials, made with masterful joinery and best possible color combinations to bring you the most luxurious box you can find. 

This walnut and maple jewelry box was thoughtfully handcrafted. It has unique custom features, the two tone design, checker pattern suede flocking, high end gold plated hinges, decorative gold rings and Swarovski crystals all complete the look and add a sophisticated touch to this piece. Glass top design is perfect for not only storing but also beautifully displaying your favorite jewelry pieces and watches.

Design owned by OmoiBox


These boxes are for those who value unique handcrafted quality and craftsmanship. Every aspect of the build is well thought out and made to last. Our boxes not only look luxurious but it feels high end. We use real wood and utilize the beauty of the natural grain. Every box will be finished with a silky smooth surface that will simply have you smiling every time you open it.





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